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Information about TIMMY.

Just a little something about the genius named Timmy!

Who is TIMMY?
You most likely pass a person like Timmy right on by without thinking that he could have so much imagination locked in his mind waiting to become a reality. He is a person that you KNOW you could learn and benefit from what he does and says.

Before 2020
Before GOOGLE was online, DontGiveA.Com was owned by Timmy. This website had more views in one week that google did that year....because google wasn't on yet!

After 2020
Owning over 500 different web addresses and building over 2500 video games and APPs, the party is just getting started and the COVID-19 virus stops EVERYONE!

3 Ways Timmy can help.

When you think he is just showing off, you realize its for YOUR benefit!

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